Stephen’s Own On Solo Piano (original compositions)

As Stephen said, he felt he was more known for playing funk and rocking out. Hammond/Leslie, Wurlitzer,Clavinet, Moog Synth, Roland, it didn’t matter. But he was also dedicated to his own sound, his own music, his own space. Here are 7 original piano compositions we’re certain you will enjoy. We’ve made them available for free. We’ve also decided to make a limited number of CD’s available for purchase with proceeds going to charity in support of musical education and development in Stephen’s spiritual and musical home of New Orleans. Of special note, Stephen’s “Rampart Rumba” was selected as one of WWOZ’s Best of 2016 and ask you have a listen to “Lost”, a composition truly reflective of his soul. When we first heard it, we remember discussing with him what the follow up would be, and he replied “it’s already there in my mind”. When asked what are you going to call it, he said he was thinking of calling it “Found”.